YATC's Board of Directors: Photo credits to Rohan Ramdin.

The Young Americans' Theatre company is one of Seattle's entirely youth run theatre companies. Every summer we produce a full season, including a festival of one acts and two main stage shows. The Young Americans’ Theatre Company is dedicated to producing work that speaks to, inspires, and authentically provokes discussion within the young Seattle community.



YATC grants young people an arena to explore every aspect of the theatre - from acting and directing, to tech, to theatre administration and marketing. Loyal to the vision of its founding members, YATC has remained completely youth-run for its 12 years of existence. Participants have the rare opportunity to lead and collaborate in a professional work environment while still in high school. Working with YATC is a truly empowering and life changing experience. 



YATC was founded in 2008 by Tommy Fleming, Zoey Belyea, Hattie Andres, Emma Kelley, Sam Tilles, and Chelsea Taylor. Since inception, the company has produced 12 seasons in an array of Seattle venues. Continually expanding its community of actors, directors, administrators, and audience, YATC is a vibrant piece of Seattle’s theatre community and youth culture. Each year, a new board of students is brought on to run the company, keeping YATC fresh and relevant.