September Has Come

My favorite Poem of all time begins with:

September has come,

And it is hers.

Whose vitality leaps in the autumn

Whose nature prefers trees without leaves,

And a fire in the fireplace.

My Mother loved this poem as well. So much in fact, that she decided she’d have to induce my birth if I was not to be born in the month of September. Lucky for her, I popped into the world at Three PM, September 30th, no inducement necessary.

                  As Fall approaches, new beginnings, much like greatness, are thrust upon us. School begins, we feel we should be sending our loved ones bouquets of crisp crimson leaves, and Spiced Cider is finally back on the Trader Joe’s shelves.

                  Here at YATC Fall marks the beginning of our year, and if you can believe it things are already well underway. With a new board poised to take the lead, us who have been on the board for three years now find ourselves feeling a tad old. It’s a funny concept for an eighteen year old to be the oldest in the room, but a concept to which YATC Board Members are well accustomed. In our first meeting there was a sense of excitement that I had not felt in the room for a long time. No one on this board is afraid to step up to the plate. This is further proof that this season will be our best yet.

                  YATC is at a crossroads. We believe that about every three years, a generation has passed. We are at the tail end of my generation, and it’s thrilling to see a new generation rise up and take the lead. With our tenth season we hope to make our work more impactful than ever. YATC is seeking student writers for a festival of comedic one acts (yes, we can be funny as well as angsty!), which is the first time we will produce an entirely student-written production! We could not be more delighted!

                  When I think about the message that I want to put into the world right now, the word that comes to the forefront of my mind is LOVE. In our world today hate is thrown as carelessly as confetti at people in the streets. Art forces us to examine the worst and best in ourselves. As I look at our roiling globe I am struck by the stories of love, much more than those of hate. YATC is a little bit like family, we all love each other, but sometimes we don’t like one another. There is bickering and arguing between everyone as we each force our ideas onto the table, I am no exception to this. But we are comforted in the knowledge that “love, actually, is all around.”

                  I implore you, whomever you may be, to examine yourself and how love weaves into your own life. Think about your loved ones and give them an extra smile today. If you have a message of love send it to us in your passion for art! Also, do not forget to love yourself. You are worthy of all the good the world can offer.


Enjoy the crunch of leaves under your feet and May Bowie be With You, 

Analiese and The Young Americans Theatre Company.