YATC Fundraiser Success

Welcome to summer! We hope that most of you are staying nice and cool and making sure to supply yourself with lots of ice cream and popsicles. As you begin to plan your lazy days in the next couple of months think about popping into a YATC show. Hopefully, most of you have been updated either by an overly obsessive board or cast member or by too many facebook posts about the information but if not check out the season page on this website. We have had an equally wonderful and stressful month planning YATC's first fundraiser night. It was wonderful to see some of your bright faces there. 

The night was made up of many performances from past and present YATC board members and supporters. It features improv, spoken work, short skits, music, and lots of smiles and laughs. We felt extremely fortunate to be surrounded but such a loving community who allows youth to make the art that we do. Despite the concerns if anyone was actually going to show up, we pulled through making over 2000 dollars. To everyone who donated, we thank thank thank you. Youth art is a hard business to be in and we are immensely grateful that you decided to donate that extra couple of bucks in your wallet to our cause. This money will be going to things like next years show rights, space rental, props, and set. 100% of the money we made will go into show production because we believe as a company that a truly authentic and professional setting for out actors helps them grow and expand in the best way possible. 

As for upcoming events, we have our first show going up next weekend. Punk Rock is a show that addresses teenage bulling and the extremity that it can push people. Come see what happenes when teenage angst builds up to the breaking point. The show is directed by the lovely company manager Sam McHale and features Liza Jacobson, another board member. We are very proud of this fresh and hard-hitting piece of art and hope that you take some time during those evenings to come out. The link to tickets and more information is on our facebook and will be posted under tickets on this page. Coming next: Punk Rocks director's thoughts and inspiration. 

Hope to see you at the show! May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.