Let's Make Some Money!

Hey everyone! It's Morgan, your friendly neighborhood (or maybe not your neighborhood cause Seattle is pretty big place) commissioner of fun(draising) here! Hopefully all of y'all are having a wonderful time and eating large plates of nachos while watching Netflix (I know I am!) Or maybe enjoying this sudden nice Seattle weather, who knew the sun came here? Well despite how you spend your personal time lately, we hope to see some of your bright young faces in the next couple of months at a variety of YATC events!

Speaking of YATC events in an incredibly smooth transition, YATC just held auditions for its season a couple of weeks ago! We were extremely impressed with everyone who came out to show their talent and the level of professionalism this year was truly remarkable. Thank you to everyone who audition or convinced one of your friends to (we know who you are, you secret masterminds)! Now with the shows cast, directors and actors can begin the lovely process of rehearsals to put on some stellar plays.

"But how are we going to pay for these productions?" says voice in my head. Well that's where my job as the fundraising director comes in. Now, I could get this money more easily by robbing a bank or stealing candy from a baby and selling it on the black market. Sadly this is illegal so I'm going to have to think of something else.

I'm on the ASB at my school, so fundraising isn't something new to me. However, my experience has been more about selling valengrams and doing coat check at school dances. What we decided to do is have a super spectacular event with lots of fun performances to gain donations. This event will be held in the upcoming spring and be full of past YATC traditions as well as sneak peaks of upcoming shows. It will be a fundraising event so bring the big bucks for YATC this year! We hope to see you (and your checkbooks) there!

Anyways, I hope everybody reading this has a super spectacular week/month/year/ever and is pumped to see what YATC has to show in this year's season.

Let's make some money! Let Bowie be with you, always. The Young Americans Theatre Company.