Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving having come and gone, as well as the current political and social climate, the members of the YATC board have been overflowing with thoughts of love and thankfulness, some of which we would like to share with you all!  

We here at YATC are thankful for...

  • The opportunity to be involved in the Seattle youth arts community

  • Our community of invested individuals

  • Our ability to express things that are important to us in a creative fashion

  • Our fellow board members <3

  • Teentix, for giving teens like us access to art that we otherwise might not have the ability to participate in and view (and for being a wonderful partner to YATC!)

  • Creative young minds

  • Wonderful stories and wool sweaters

  • Our beautiful friends and family

  • Our ability to choose our own paths

  • Radical ideas and powerful movements

  • Being surrounded by youth who are as passionate about art as we are

  • Having access to community art of exceptionally high quality

  • Our education, which enables us to think critically about the world and our place in it

All of these things and many many more. In the whirlwind that is the recent state of things, we feel that it is important to not only acknowledge the privilege that persists in our close community regarding the resources we have access to regarding art, education and all other things, but also to spread love, and be passionately thankful for all the things that improve our lives on a daily basis. Although art may not solve all of our world’s many problems, the community we create, and the discussions we promote through art sure are a start.

Love, The Yatc Board!

May Bowie still be with you.