Meet the Newest Members of the YATC Board!

Hello and welcome to our October blog post! Since the end of August, the brand new YATC board has been meeting to discuss the future of YATC and this year's upcoming season. However, before we get too engulfed by the tasks ahead, we thought it only appropriate to introduce the three new additions to the YATC board. Meet Louise, Nate and Marlene!

Hello all! My name is Louise, and I am this year’s Intern Coordinator and Co-Marketing director with the lovely Marlene Probst! This year for the position of Marketing director, Marlene and I have a few goals involving expanding the reach of YATC both in terms of audience and in terms of participants! We will be working hard not only during the season to promote the shows, but in the next coming month to spread information about auditions, and opportunities for writers, interns and directors. We hope to make YATC as accessible as possible to teens from all walks of life. As Intern Coordinator for the 2017 season, it’s my job to design a program that will be educational and beneficial to both the interns and the other members of the company involved. I am so so thrilled to be given the opportunity to create and run this year’s program, and am counting down the days until applications start rolling in. I am over the moon to be able to work with such a stellar board this year, as each month brings both new challenges and new opportunities. Looking forward to a fantastic year!

Hey guys! Nate Kelderman here. I’m very excited to have been appointed to serve as YATC’s Outreach Coordinator and Casting Director this year!  I was first involved with YATC last summer as both an actor and intern, and from both those angles was continually struck by the sheer strength an all youth theatre company can boast, in a somewhat more material and relatable way than adult theatre, in portraying the issues that matter to us, and in a way that can inspire actions towards change in the real world.  It was great to spend two months with a group of wonderfully supportive friends who were all just as invested and motivated in making powerful theatre as I. As a member of the board, I hope to continue all that YATC has been built on, the main objectives now are to expand, diversify, and generally become more easily encounterable.

Hello YATC blog readers! My name's Marlene and I am one of YATC’s three newest board members! I have been appointed as this year’s Fundraising Manager, as well as Co-Marketing Director with Louise Heller. As Fundraising Manager I will be spending much of my time dreaming up ways to finance our theatrical endeavors, and as Co-Marketing Director I will be working in partnership with Louise to make sure that information about YATC gets out to all of you! This past summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern with YATC and I could not be more thrilled to now be part of the board. During my time as an intern, I was surrounded by so many talented and dedicated people who helped me discover the uniqueness of youth theatre. This upcoming season will be YATC's tenth, and in my opinion it's pretty cool how this company has grown to what it is today. Of course, I don't have much experience with YATC's past, but I can envision its future. As a member of the newest board, I hope to help expand YATC’s horizons, bringing more young people into the beautiful community of youth theatre and opening up opportunities for youth across the Seattle area. I look forward to being part of the most memorable season yet!

We hope you enjoyed meeting our newest members! Stay tuned for more information in regards to this upcoming year!

May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans' Theatre Company.