What YATC Means to the Managing Director

Written by Ruby Daniel

It’s a new year. YATC’s ninth year.  I think about the nine years before me as I sit in a room with my board, and wonder how to break up the monumental tasks that come with producing professional work.  

This theater company is my favorite thing to spend time on, and so while I assess budgets and email venues for this summer, I try to remember how lucky I am that I get to do this while I’m seventeen. Most people do this when they’re older, and when there’s a lot more in their lives that doesn’t have to do with helping to create art. I feel lucky to have this chance so young.

I help to oversee YATC. I deal with our budgets and with venues, for the most part. But I also try and look to what’s ahead. We just made some big company decisions, and I realized what’s important if I want them to be put into action: I need to find ways to excite everyone involved about putting this together.

If there’s anything I’ve learned as managing director for YATC, and in my time with the company, it’s that you have to value every aspect of theater. If we don’t place equal weight on finding and using a technical team, our shows will suffer-but if we don’t spend enough money on our technical budget, our tech team won’t have enough to do and won’t feel like they’re contributing.

So here’s what I’ll say to the people who see this, and who know about getting involved. We value your opinion, your skills, and your contribution. Come to us because you want to be professional, and we hope that you’ll join our community. We hope you have a happy New Year!

Come join us in 2016-on or backstage. May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.