Quick Insight into the Mind of the Artistic Director

Written by Analiese Guettinger

Let’s talk about the audience. The audience makes the environment. The audience makes the performances. The audience makes the theatre company. So as Artistic Director, it is my job to create a season worthy of our audiences.

    There was nothing more exciting to me than the dopamine rush I received every time a new email rolled in with the heading: “Directing for YATC”. These very talented and courageous young women and men will put forth their visions in a detailed and extensive interview. And when I say detailed and extensive I really mean a conversation in which they are asked why they want to do the show and what they can bring to the table.

    When constructing a season one must bring many aspects into perspective. There must be a balance genres, characters and subject. We must select shows specifically for the talent that we know Seattle has to offer. We must also select shows that can be produced well within our means, of course obey the sacred rule: No Shakespeare or Musicals.

    When I first entered YATC two summers ago there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to work towards being the Artistic Director. Throughout my life I had admired those who so methodically created art they were proud of. The business side of it all, though interesting, was not going to be a thing I would excel at. I have always been a very disorganized person and I shudder at the thought of YATC being driven into the ground if I were in charge of its finances. But, the thought of working with my peers on a craft of which we both shared a fierce passion? Nothing appealed to me more.

    However now, faced with the daunting task of shuffling through these talented youth, I am terrified! Who am I to tell people what is good or not? It’s a funny thing about working with your peers, you learn through trial and error that no person is “better” than another, each has something special to bring to the table.

    Interviews will be conducted in early December and then the shows will be decided by January. My wish is that whatever is produced is quality work, that is both influential for the artists and the audience.

    So with that, my wish is that you, our audience, be completely in awe of the shows we will produce this year. Stay tuned for a Season Announcement coming soon!

Happy Holidays. May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.