New Year. New Blog.

Welcome to the Young Americans Theatre Blog! With the start of a new year and a new season we thought we would create something new this year. This blog will be a place for our community to hear about what’s happening with YATC and our upcoming monthly events. We wanted to create a creative space for board members to share their passion for this company and a place for our audience to be connected to us all year long.

With the crunch of leaves beneath our feet and sweaters wrapped around our shoulders we welcome fall, along with some new people involved with YATC. We have three new board members stepping up from intern positions as well as the other company members stepping into new positions. If you have not spotted her on our Instagram page, our wonderful Ruby Daniel has stepped up from the Marketing Director to the Managing director of the company. We look forward to her interactions with the YATC community as well as completing her final year at Ingraham high school. For Ruby, this year will be full of vintage shopping trips, baking, college and lots of time with her fellow board members.

Next, we have Analiese Guettinger stepping from an Intern Coordinator to the Artistic Director of the company. She will guide and inspire us with her creative approach to ideas as well as her wonderful sense of passion and direction. Analiese is a junior at The Northwest school and her year will be full of coffee, theatre (in and out of YATC), and more coffee.

Ray McCann is taking over for marketing and already owning it (take a look at the website if you want proof). Ray is a junior at the Northwest School and can’t wait to visit some of you this upcoming month at your own schools! You can find Ray in the library at the Northwest, out in nature writing poetry, and generally being a creative source for all YATC board members.

We are also extremely excited to announce two new positions at YATC. The first is the Company Manager and the second is to explained later. The Company Manager is a position that was filled by Sam Mchale who was previously an Intern Coordinator with Analiese. We are extremely grateful for him to be here because Sam is one of the only people that could have taken this role with as much organization and determination that he did. He will work alongside of our Managing Director but with the internal needs of the company as opposed to the external one. Sam is also attending the Northwest School but as a senior, he will spend the year baking in his kitchen, with his adorable dog (Poppy) and all of his theatre and non theatre friends.

The second new job this year is the Fundraising Manager. Morgan Gwilym Tso is stepping up into this role from being an intern at YATC last year! We are so excited to see Morgan work his fundraising magic in this role and hope that as the year progresses he can continue to create the position in his own way. Morgan is a sophomore at Garfield High School and his year will be filled with lots of theatre all over Seattle. We are so excited to see what he can do. Next up we have our Intern Coordinator dream team, Eliza Jacobson and Jamie Williams. They were both amazing interns at YATC last year and we are so excited to have them back as Intern Coordinators this year. Eliza is a sophomore at the Northwest School and loves dancing, and doing bundles of theatre. Jamie is a junior at Garfield High School and along with theatre Jamie will spend his year, hiking, playing soccer and of course, dominating his fantasy football league. We are so excited to see what these new young minds can do this year and in the future YATC seasons.

In the following weeks we have many exciting things to come and that have already happened. The first is the launch of our new website. We thought we’d give YATC a new and hip twist for the beginning of the year, so you should check it out. Along with that, we have school visits coming up! If you live in Seattle and do not see us at your schools in the next couple of weeks then feel free to email us or even tweet us if you have interest in the upcoming year. The final new thing this month is the Teeny Awards. If you have not seen our copious amount of marketing then let us tell you now. We are nominated for Best Theatrr, the Evolution Award for the first YATC show last summer called This Is Our Youth, and Both Analiese Guettinger and Ruby Daniel are nominated for the Young Artist Advocate Award. We hope to see many of you at the event or just make sure to vote online.

With school bells ringing in our ears we are already looking to next summer. If you are an actor, director or interested in technical theatre, YATC would love to have you! Auditions for YATC are in the winter/early spring months but we are looking for directors right now. If you are  reading this and thinking, hey I have always wanted to direct, then now is your chance. Email us today and maybe you can be part of YATC next summer.

We hope your fall is full of warm drinks and you are surrounded by warm people. Stay tuned for next month's blog post all about the new members of YATC and their deepest darkest secrets.

Thank you all for reading. May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.