YATC Presents: A Midsummer Night's Fundraiser!

Attention one and all! YATC Presents: A Midsummer Night’s Fundraiser!!

The Young Americans’ Theatre company is completely youth run, and has been producing summer seasons for 10 whole years for YOU: the beautiful community of Seattle arts patrons! Now we need YOUR help to keep us rolling into our 11th season. The fundraising event will be on June 23rd, and doors will open at 6:45 pm. Tickets are FREE with a suggested donation of $5 for students and $10 for adults. Before the program, partake in some mingling, listen to some live music, snack on some delicious food and participate in our silent auction! The program will begin at 7:30 pm and will consist of sneak-peaks into our upcoming season and other various performances. Improv! Illusions! Entertainment! All of this and more can be found at this evening of mirth and merriment. The program will end around 9:30 pm.

The time has come for our Fundraising Director Katie and the rest of our board to begin preparing for this season's fundraiser. More like FUN-raiser, am I right Katie? After much brainstorming, it was decided that this fundraiser would be a hodge-podge of fun activities and performances. Snacks will be eaten, music listened to and hopefully, funds raised. It has even been leaked that maybe, just maybe, the famed Nate Kelderman will perform some magical illusions. Is YOUR life goal to have a coin pulled out from behind your ear by a dapper and very talented gentleman? If so, this fundraising event is the event for you.  

May Bowie be with you, 

The Young Americans' Theatre Company


July Is Finally Here!

At last! The month we have been preparing for all year is here. This past May and June, actors, directors, interns and the entire of the YATC board have been working hard to make this tenth season the best it can be. We have now reached the busiest time of year for our company, where we spend our time at tech weeks making the finishing touches to each production. While July may be hectic it is also what we look forward to the most. This is when the magic of theatre really comes alive, when we witness the wonderful moment of lights hitting the faces of actors for the first time or even when we preform the tedious yet meditative task of folding programs the day before a show. This is also when we need to update all of you on the logistical details of this coming month!

The first production of YATC's tenth season will be Women and Wallace by Jonathan Marc Sherman, directed by Noah Hazzard & assistant directed by Eliza Jacobson. As some of you may recall, Women and Wallace was the show with which YATC made its debut as a company in 2008. Thus, we thought it only appropriate to revive it for the YATC stage in celebration of ten years of youth theatre. "Women and Wallace is a deeply moving play about growing up, relationships, and love. It follows Wallace, a troubled youth, through his whirlwind childhood and tribulations as a young adult. Wallace’s poetic speech and humorous insight pull on universal heartstrings, begging empathy and understanding even in the darkest moments of the piece. His partners on stage drive forward a compelling narrative and provide glimpses of hope through a shroud of tragic circumstance. Written by Jonathan Marc Sherman when he was just 18 years old, Women and Wallace is an energetic and dark comedic triumph that never fails to provoke, surprise, and quite simply: entertain."

July 7th, 8th, 9th @ 7pm at the Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theater; Tickets $12; http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3020671

YATC's second production this July will be The Flick by Annie Baker, directed by Ricky Spaulding. "In a run-down movie theater in central Massachusetts, three underpaid employees mop the floors and attend to one of the last 35 millimeter film projectors in the state. Their tiny battles and not-so-tiny heartbreaks play out in the empty aisles, becoming more gripping than the lackluster, second-run movies on screen. With keen insight and a finely-tuned comic eye, The Flick is a hilarious and heart-rending cry for authenticity in a fast-changing world."

July 14th, 15th, 16th @ 7pm at the Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theater; Tickets $12; http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3033219

Finally, we will are excited to wrap up our season with DEFINITELY Past Curfew: A Festival of Youth-Written One Acts. This season we chose to take a new spin on our traditional one act festival by expanding on our philosophy of youth putting on theater about youth, by producing the works of young playwrights. DEFINITELY Past Curfew: A Festival of Youth-Written One Acts features the work of many emerging youth artists; The Lord Shall Provide by Genevieve Goodman, directed by Ethan Major & Sophie Hankes; Bears, Booze, and the Band Teacher's Stepdaughter by Connor McKenna, directed by LIla Perlman & Connor McKenna; We'll Grow Oranges In Alaska by Cole Pedigo, directed by Ray McCann; Child's Play by Ricky Spaulding, directed by Sam McHale.

July 21st, 22nd, 23rd @ 7pm at the Glenn Hughes Penthouse Theater; Tickets $15; http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3034579

We could not be more excited for what this July entails and invite you to join us in celebrating ten years of youth theatre!

May Bowie be with you,

The Young Americans' Theatre Company

P.S. Remember, we participate in TeenTix! Sign-up for your free TeenTix pass at www.teentix.org and enjoy $5 at the door tickets :)

Auditions Update!

Hello All,

These past two months have been chalk full of festivities, meetings, and preparations! With a new month comes new opportunities for involvement with YATC. The audition form for our 2017 season went up today! We cannot wait to see multitudes of familiar and new faces this March 2nd, 3rd and 4th! 

Some general information regarding auditions:

When: 5-8pm on March 2nd & 6-9pm on March 3rd
Where: Theater Puget Sound (TPS) on the 4th floor of the Seattle Center Armory
What to Bring: head shot, resume, and a 1-minute contemporary monologue

Spread the word, and we hope to see you there! 

May Bowie be with you,

The Young Americans' Theatre Company

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving having come and gone, as well as the current political and social climate, the members of the YATC board have been overflowing with thoughts of love and thankfulness, some of which we would like to share with you all!  

We here at YATC are thankful for...

  • The opportunity to be involved in the Seattle youth arts community

  • Our community of invested individuals

  • Our ability to express things that are important to us in a creative fashion

  • Our fellow board members <3

  • Teentix, for giving teens like us access to art that we otherwise might not have the ability to participate in and view (and for being a wonderful partner to YATC!)

  • Creative young minds

  • Wonderful stories and wool sweaters

  • Our beautiful friends and family

  • Our ability to choose our own paths

  • Radical ideas and powerful movements

  • Being surrounded by youth who are as passionate about art as we are

  • Having access to community art of exceptionally high quality

  • Our education, which enables us to think critically about the world and our place in it

All of these things and many many more. In the whirlwind that is the recent state of things, we feel that it is important to not only acknowledge the privilege that persists in our close community regarding the resources we have access to regarding art, education and all other things, but also to spread love, and be passionately thankful for all the things that improve our lives on a daily basis. Although art may not solve all of our world’s many problems, the community we create, and the discussions we promote through art sure are a start.

Love, The Yatc Board!

May Bowie still be with you.

Meet the Newest Members of the YATC Board!

Hello and welcome to our October blog post! Since the end of August, the brand new YATC board has been meeting to discuss the future of YATC and this year's upcoming season. However, before we get too engulfed by the tasks ahead, we thought it only appropriate to introduce the three new additions to the YATC board. Meet Louise, Nate and Marlene!

Hello all! My name is Louise, and I am this year’s Intern Coordinator and Co-Marketing director with the lovely Marlene Probst! This year for the position of Marketing director, Marlene and I have a few goals involving expanding the reach of YATC both in terms of audience and in terms of participants! We will be working hard not only during the season to promote the shows, but in the next coming month to spread information about auditions, and opportunities for writers, interns and directors. We hope to make YATC as accessible as possible to teens from all walks of life. As Intern Coordinator for the 2017 season, it’s my job to design a program that will be educational and beneficial to both the interns and the other members of the company involved. I am so so thrilled to be given the opportunity to create and run this year’s program, and am counting down the days until applications start rolling in. I am over the moon to be able to work with such a stellar board this year, as each month brings both new challenges and new opportunities. Looking forward to a fantastic year!

Hey guys! Nate Kelderman here. I’m very excited to have been appointed to serve as YATC’s Outreach Coordinator and Casting Director this year!  I was first involved with YATC last summer as both an actor and intern, and from both those angles was continually struck by the sheer strength an all youth theatre company can boast, in a somewhat more material and relatable way than adult theatre, in portraying the issues that matter to us, and in a way that can inspire actions towards change in the real world.  It was great to spend two months with a group of wonderfully supportive friends who were all just as invested and motivated in making powerful theatre as I. As a member of the board, I hope to continue all that YATC has been built on, the main objectives now are to expand, diversify, and generally become more easily encounterable.

Hello YATC blog readers! My name's Marlene and I am one of YATC’s three newest board members! I have been appointed as this year’s Fundraising Manager, as well as Co-Marketing Director with Louise Heller. As Fundraising Manager I will be spending much of my time dreaming up ways to finance our theatrical endeavors, and as Co-Marketing Director I will be working in partnership with Louise to make sure that information about YATC gets out to all of you! This past summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to intern with YATC and I could not be more thrilled to now be part of the board. During my time as an intern, I was surrounded by so many talented and dedicated people who helped me discover the uniqueness of youth theatre. This upcoming season will be YATC's tenth, and in my opinion it's pretty cool how this company has grown to what it is today. Of course, I don't have much experience with YATC's past, but I can envision its future. As a member of the newest board, I hope to help expand YATC’s horizons, bringing more young people into the beautiful community of youth theatre and opening up opportunities for youth across the Seattle area. I look forward to being part of the most memorable season yet!

We hope you enjoyed meeting our newest members! Stay tuned for more information in regards to this upcoming year!

May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans' Theatre Company.


September Has Come

My favorite Poem of all time begins with:

September has come,

And it is hers.

Whose vitality leaps in the autumn

Whose nature prefers trees without leaves,

And a fire in the fireplace.

My Mother loved this poem as well. So much in fact, that she decided she’d have to induce my birth if I was not to be born in the month of September. Lucky for her, I popped into the world at Three PM, September 30th, no inducement necessary.

                  As Fall approaches, new beginnings, much like greatness, are thrust upon us. School begins, we feel we should be sending our loved ones bouquets of crisp crimson leaves, and Spiced Cider is finally back on the Trader Joe’s shelves.

                  Here at YATC Fall marks the beginning of our year, and if you can believe it things are already well underway. With a new board poised to take the lead, us who have been on the board for three years now find ourselves feeling a tad old. It’s a funny concept for an eighteen year old to be the oldest in the room, but a concept to which YATC Board Members are well accustomed. In our first meeting there was a sense of excitement that I had not felt in the room for a long time. No one on this board is afraid to step up to the plate. This is further proof that this season will be our best yet.

                  YATC is at a crossroads. We believe that about every three years, a generation has passed. We are at the tail end of my generation, and it’s thrilling to see a new generation rise up and take the lead. With our tenth season we hope to make our work more impactful than ever. YATC is seeking student writers for a festival of comedic one acts (yes, we can be funny as well as angsty!), which is the first time we will produce an entirely student-written production! We could not be more delighted!

                  When I think about the message that I want to put into the world right now, the word that comes to the forefront of my mind is LOVE. In our world today hate is thrown as carelessly as confetti at people in the streets. Art forces us to examine the worst and best in ourselves. As I look at our roiling globe I am struck by the stories of love, much more than those of hate. YATC is a little bit like family, we all love each other, but sometimes we don’t like one another. There is bickering and arguing between everyone as we each force our ideas onto the table, I am no exception to this. But we are comforted in the knowledge that “love, actually, is all around.”

                  I implore you, whomever you may be, to examine yourself and how love weaves into your own life. Think about your loved ones and give them an extra smile today. If you have a message of love send it to us in your passion for art! Also, do not forget to love yourself. You are worthy of all the good the world can offer.


Enjoy the crunch of leaves under your feet and May Bowie be With You, 

Analiese and The Young Americans Theatre Company. 

YATC Fundraiser Success

Welcome to summer! We hope that most of you are staying nice and cool and making sure to supply yourself with lots of ice cream and popsicles. As you begin to plan your lazy days in the next couple of months think about popping into a YATC show. Hopefully, most of you have been updated either by an overly obsessive board or cast member or by too many facebook posts about the information but if not check out the season page on this website. We have had an equally wonderful and stressful month planning YATC's first fundraiser night. It was wonderful to see some of your bright faces there. 

The night was made up of many performances from past and present YATC board members and supporters. It features improv, spoken work, short skits, music, and lots of smiles and laughs. We felt extremely fortunate to be surrounded but such a loving community who allows youth to make the art that we do. Despite the concerns if anyone was actually going to show up, we pulled through making over 2000 dollars. To everyone who donated, we thank thank thank you. Youth art is a hard business to be in and we are immensely grateful that you decided to donate that extra couple of bucks in your wallet to our cause. This money will be going to things like next years show rights, space rental, props, and set. 100% of the money we made will go into show production because we believe as a company that a truly authentic and professional setting for out actors helps them grow and expand in the best way possible. 

As for upcoming events, we have our first show going up next weekend. Punk Rock is a show that addresses teenage bulling and the extremity that it can push people. Come see what happenes when teenage angst builds up to the breaking point. The show is directed by the lovely company manager Sam McHale and features Liza Jacobson, another board member. We are very proud of this fresh and hard-hitting piece of art and hope that you take some time during those evenings to come out. The link to tickets and more information is on our facebook and will be posted under tickets on this page. Coming next: Punk Rocks director's thoughts and inspiration. 

Hope to see you at the show! May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company. 

Meet the Interns!

We are two months away from our performance season and just finished up our intern process! We had many wonderful applications and chose four stellar candidates that we are excited to see work with YATC in the future! Please meet Connor, Marlene, and Louise. Our fourth intern Nate is out of town at the moment but don't you worry, you will meet that handsome blond haired fella soon enough. So without further ado, the 2016 interns!

Connor: Hi there! My name is Connor McKenna and I'm super excited to be joining the YATC team this summer as an intern! I'm sixteen years old, and finishing up my sophomore year at Newport High School. I've been doing theatre for almost eight years now, and I've been in over thirty productions throughout my career. I'm really excited to work with YATC this summer, since it'll be my first experience working with a professional theatre company in Seattle. I know I'm gonna learn a lot and have a great time!I'm really looking forward to being part of the greater whole of the production, not just onstage. I've always wanted to learn the more technical and business-like side of the theatre world, and I'm sure this is where I'll learn it.

Marlene: Hello all! My name’s Marlene and I will be one of YATC’s interns this summer! I’m 16 years old and about to wrap up my sophomore year at Ingraham. I began to get involved more with theatre last year at Ingraham and even more so this past school year. I guess I haven’t really been around all that long, but I am so excited to gain more experience this summer and learn more about all the aspects of theatre that I have yet to explore. I’m absolutely thrilled to have been granted this amazing opportunity to intern at YATC and am looking forward to working on some fantastic shows this summer with some wonderful people!

Louise: Hello! My name is Louise Heller, I’m 16 years old, and next year I’ll be a Junior at Ingraham High School. I couldn’t be more excited to intern with YATC this summer! I am involved with the wonderful Ingraham Drama department since the beginning of high school and am looking forward to expanding my theatre experience even more. I’m thrilled to get this chance to be more involved in the Seattle youth theatre scene and to meet so many new people. I’m looking forwards to not only expanding my knowledge on how theatre companies are run, and gaining experience in theatre management, but also spending some time with a group of lovely people.

Hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to some wonderful people. May Bowie Be with You. The Young Americans Theatre Company.


A Short and Sweet Update on YATC!

Hey everyone! This is Eliza, one of the intern coordinators, and I wanted to use this space to go a little more in-depth about our intern program and our process.

We are approaching interview-season (in just a couple days!), and we have a really great group to choose from! To be an intern, you have to first fill out an online application, then you’ll meet with us and I’ll conduct a fifteen-minute or so interview. I know the interview sounds intimidating -- at least I thought it was when I interviewed -- but it’s really very fun and relaxed, and just a way for us to get to know you and try to gauge how you’d fit with YATC.

We have big plans for the internship program this summer! We’re thinking that we’ll probably have five interns, one more than one for each show. Each intern will be assigned to a show, and expected to act essentially as a stage manager. Along with that, we’ll have weekly intern meetings, many of which will consist of workshops led by board members and others involved in YATC. There will also be the usual jobs during performances -- running the box office, handing out programs, running concessions, etc. Even though being an intern is not a huge time commitment, we think it’s important to mention that you get out of it what you put into it -- and we want you to get the most out of their experience this summer.

I’m so excited about our program and the individuals involved, and I can’t wait for the summer!

May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.

Let's Make Some Money!

Hey everyone! It's Morgan, your friendly neighborhood (or maybe not your neighborhood cause Seattle is pretty big place) commissioner of fun(draising) here! Hopefully all of y'all are having a wonderful time and eating large plates of nachos while watching Netflix (I know I am!) Or maybe enjoying this sudden nice Seattle weather, who knew the sun came here? Well despite how you spend your personal time lately, we hope to see some of your bright young faces in the next couple of months at a variety of YATC events!

Speaking of YATC events in an incredibly smooth transition, YATC just held auditions for its season a couple of weeks ago! We were extremely impressed with everyone who came out to show their talent and the level of professionalism this year was truly remarkable. Thank you to everyone who audition or convinced one of your friends to (we know who you are, you secret masterminds)! Now with the shows cast, directors and actors can begin the lovely process of rehearsals to put on some stellar plays.

"But how are we going to pay for these productions?" says voice in my head. Well that's where my job as the fundraising director comes in. Now, I could get this money more easily by robbing a bank or stealing candy from a baby and selling it on the black market. Sadly this is illegal so I'm going to have to think of something else.

I'm on the ASB at my school, so fundraising isn't something new to me. However, my experience has been more about selling valengrams and doing coat check at school dances. What we decided to do is have a super spectacular event with lots of fun performances to gain donations. This event will be held in the upcoming spring and be full of past YATC traditions as well as sneak peaks of upcoming shows. It will be a fundraising event so bring the big bucks for YATC this year! We hope to see you (and your checkbooks) there!

Anyways, I hope everybody reading this has a super spectacular week/month/year/ever and is pumped to see what YATC has to show in this year's season.

Let's make some money! Let Bowie be with you, always. The Young Americans Theatre Company.


Learn to Approach Audition Season Like a Pro

Hello all you YATC blog readers! My name is Sam McHale and I am the company manager of the Young Americans’ Theatre Company.  This position was added back into the company this year. As the company manager I am in charge of the internal duties of the company. I am in charge of making sure people are doing the things they are supposed to be doing, pitching in to do any tasks that people aren’t able to do, assembling the tech team, and I am also in charge of the internal business operations of the company. Even more exciting than that, I am directing for YATC this summer. I am going to be directing Punk Rock by Simon Stephens, which is going to be the first show of YATC’s 9th season.

Coming up in less than a week are auditions, which is very exciting! If you have not yet signed up for an audition slot please visit the getting involved tab of our website. This is going to be my second year directing for YATC and I am super excited, especially for auditions. It is amazing to be able to sit behind that table and view all the talented people that want to get involved in the company.

I am also here to offer some helpful advice for all of you who are auditioning. The first thing you should know is that we really want to see your acting ability in your monologue. I know that one minute isn’t very much time but seeing you make big choices with your work is going to be much more helpful to us behind the table than seeing you play the character in a very neutral way.

The second thing you should know is that all of the directors watching you are around the same age as you. We are teenagers! So if you are nervous coming into the audition, let that nervousness drive and energize you, although you have no reason to be nervous! All of the directors are very friendly and want to see you succeed.

The third thing you should know is that we really want to see who you are and what you are like to work with. Don’t be surprised if one of the directors asks you to try stuff during your audition and callbacks. While we are your peers we are also professionals who want to produce high quality shows and we want to work with people who feel the same way and who understand what it means to be in a professional environment.

I am very excited for this whole process to begin and I hope that all of you reading this decide to audition.

Good luck to you all. May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.


Press Release Sneak Peak!

While I am sure all you theatre nerds are either sick with the cold or working on your winter production (maybe both) the YATC board is super happy you took the time to read our blog. We have tried to create a space for our company to tell a small portion of what they do and inform our faithful followers what is up in the world of youth theatre. January is maybe one of the more exciting months of the year because it’s when our press release comes out. You will get to see it here in just a few minutes but don’t be sneaky and take a peek before you have read the rest of this introduction. I promise it’s worth it.

YATC wanted this season to be less about audience entertainment and more about education. As young members of the community we all have different topics that interest us. For some the concept of feminism and the ever-present issue of slut-shaming has come into our view. Others religion was the central theme of this year's season. We wanted to give you a sum of the social justice issues that we are facing as youths today. The shows this year will hopefully be followed by controversial conversations with partners and kids on the car rides home and maybe even a few steps towards action. We hope to push our audiences outside of their comfort zones and think critically about the plays and their meaning. We are very excited to present to you the Young Americans Theatre Company season 9!

Starting off this year will be Punk Rock by Simon Stephens, directed by Company Manager Sam McHale. This show is set in a private school outside of Manchester, England, where a group of highly-articulate seventeen-year-olds flirt and posture their way through the day while preparing for their A-Level mock exams. With hormones raging and minimal adult supervision, the students must prepare for their future and survive the savagery of high school. Punk Rock is an honest and unnerving chronicle of contemporary adolescence. YATC hopes this show can be both surprising and eye-opening about serious issues involving today’s youth.

Following that will be a one act festival entitled: Misspoken Narratives. This couplet of shows focuses on the power behind simple words such as “slut” and “abortion,” and their effect. The first show will be What We Talk About When We Talk About Planned Parenthood, directed by Meg Ruppel and written by Alexa Derman. The two main characters Kitty and B may dip in and out of addiction and struggle to pay rent, but at least they have a system: she's entertaining and exciting, he's responsible and realistic. But in the aftermath of a necessary but difficult decision, their codependent routine is called into question. Can they find a way to love each other, or is their relationship all but over? Following that will be another show following the same themes that has not been determined yet, directed by Ray McCann and Ricky Spaulding.These two shows are presented to inform audiences of all ages of the current culture surrounding sex and femininity. YATC hopes to both entertain as well as educate the audience on ways to take action and learn about issues such as those features in these two plays.

YATC’s final production of the summer is The Stonewater Rapture, written by Doug Wright and directed by Ruby Daniel. Set on the front porch and in the living room of a conservative Texas home, the play tells the story of two teenagers whose sexual awakening has been severely hampered by the fundamentalist fervor that runs like power lines through the Bible Belt. The play follows Whitney, the well-meaning preacher’s son, and Carlyle, a vivacious eighteen-year old with an imagination to rival the rest of her puritanical upbringing.  Together they struggle to wed their simplistic religious doctrine with the often painful complexity of the real world.

We thank you all for taking the time to read our possibly obnoxiously angsty descriptions of these very angsty shows.

May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.


What YATC Means to the Managing Director

Written by Ruby Daniel

It’s a new year. YATC’s ninth year.  I think about the nine years before me as I sit in a room with my board, and wonder how to break up the monumental tasks that come with producing professional work.  

This theater company is my favorite thing to spend time on, and so while I assess budgets and email venues for this summer, I try to remember how lucky I am that I get to do this while I’m seventeen. Most people do this when they’re older, and when there’s a lot more in their lives that doesn’t have to do with helping to create art. I feel lucky to have this chance so young.

I help to oversee YATC. I deal with our budgets and with venues, for the most part. But I also try and look to what’s ahead. We just made some big company decisions, and I realized what’s important if I want them to be put into action: I need to find ways to excite everyone involved about putting this together.

If there’s anything I’ve learned as managing director for YATC, and in my time with the company, it’s that you have to value every aspect of theater. If we don’t place equal weight on finding and using a technical team, our shows will suffer-but if we don’t spend enough money on our technical budget, our tech team won’t have enough to do and won’t feel like they’re contributing.

So here’s what I’ll say to the people who see this, and who know about getting involved. We value your opinion, your skills, and your contribution. Come to us because you want to be professional, and we hope that you’ll join our community. We hope you have a happy New Year!

Come join us in 2016-on or backstage. May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.


Quick Insight into the Mind of the Artistic Director

Written by Analiese Guettinger

Let’s talk about the audience. The audience makes the environment. The audience makes the performances. The audience makes the theatre company. So as Artistic Director, it is my job to create a season worthy of our audiences.

    There was nothing more exciting to me than the dopamine rush I received every time a new email rolled in with the heading: “Directing for YATC”. These very talented and courageous young women and men will put forth their visions in a detailed and extensive interview. And when I say detailed and extensive I really mean a conversation in which they are asked why they want to do the show and what they can bring to the table.

    When constructing a season one must bring many aspects into perspective. There must be a balance genres, characters and subject. We must select shows specifically for the talent that we know Seattle has to offer. We must also select shows that can be produced well within our means, of course obey the sacred rule: No Shakespeare or Musicals.

    When I first entered YATC two summers ago there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to work towards being the Artistic Director. Throughout my life I had admired those who so methodically created art they were proud of. The business side of it all, though interesting, was not going to be a thing I would excel at. I have always been a very disorganized person and I shudder at the thought of YATC being driven into the ground if I were in charge of its finances. But, the thought of working with my peers on a craft of which we both shared a fierce passion? Nothing appealed to me more.

    However now, faced with the daunting task of shuffling through these talented youth, I am terrified! Who am I to tell people what is good or not? It’s a funny thing about working with your peers, you learn through trial and error that no person is “better” than another, each has something special to bring to the table.

    Interviews will be conducted in early December and then the shows will be decided by January. My wish is that whatever is produced is quality work, that is both influential for the artists and the audience.

    So with that, my wish is that you, our audience, be completely in awe of the shows we will produce this year. Stay tuned for a Season Announcement coming soon!

Happy Holidays. May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.

Fresh Faces of The Young Americans Theatre Company

Welcome back to the Young Americans Theatre Blog! We are so excited to share with you some new faces of our company. These new fellows are everything that we had been asking for and much more. Say hello to Eliza, Morgan, and Jamie!

Hello YATC blog-followers! I'm Eliza, one of three new board members. I'm 15 years old and a sophomore at The Northwest School, and I am so excited to be joining the YATC board this year! I loved interning over the summer, and was really hoping to make it onto the board, and here I am! From what I've seen of/heard/learned about YATC so far, I know that it's a really great company, and that I'm going to learn a lot. I'm really interested in learning about theatre from more than just the standpoint of the actor (or the light board op), but instead learning about so much more even than the production of a show. So much goes into running a theatre company, and I definitely used to take a lot of that for granted (and probably still do), but with YATC, I really hope to change that and expand my knowledge and experience in this realm. I'm still learning the ropes, and surely will be for quite a while, but I am so excited for this opportunity to learn and grow and improve.

Hey everyone! My name’s Morgan and I am so excited to already be a big part of YATC even after just a single summer of interning. Obviously, I absolutely love theater myself, and am also the historian for my school, Garfield’s, Drama program. I’ve only acted for about five years, which isn’t all that much in comparison to those who have been in theater since they were three. Originally, I was completely against doing theater, and it was my sister who was mildly interested. However, after an intense and extremely fun summer, the roles were swapped and I couldn’t wait to go back. Once I got to Garfield, I fell in love with Drama there, and I joined almost everything I could have been in as a freshman. I first fully heard about YATC early last year, and got super excited about it. Alas, I was not able to audition for a show, but luckily I was told I could intern, so, with some help from my friend and fellow board member Jamie Williams, I was able to sign up! One thing to know about me is that, despite being an actor, I still get some intense nerves off of the stage, and I was really nervous going into the interview. Nonetheless, things worked out and I had a really great summer meeting a ton of really awesome people, and was really impressed by not only the performances, but also the organization of YATC. Though I spent most of my time sun putting up posters and walking up and down Broadway in the sweltering Seattle heat, I am so glad to have joined up. Also, my angst t-shirt is my favorite, so everybody should totally get one.

Hello YATC blog! My name is Jamie and I am a junior at Garfield High School. My first theatre memory is from fourth grade, when Keni Cohan ran a workshop with our class, called Tom Revere’s Midnight Ride, built into the curriculum to help us learn history. The play was fun and hands-on, and doing it as a class was a great bonding experience, and paired with Keni’s incredible insane creative energy and positivity, the weeklong workshop became one of my most treasured memories of fourth grade.

My first experience with the Young American Theatre Company (YATC) was my audition earlier this year for their summer showcase. The absolute first thing I noticed was the community—a group of teenagers that functioned and communicated like a professionally run theatre company. The environment was fun and full of energy, and it was truly refreshing to be around so much talent and love for theatre. I have never experienced a more passionate, focused, lovely group of people. After a whirlwind casting, rehearsal and performance of our one act, Long Ago and Far Away, I reflect and feel so lucky to have worked with such amazing people who pour so much of themselves into their theatre. Being on the board truly feels like an incredible honor, and it is amazing to collaborate with such friendly, smart and kind-hearted people. Nowadays I have my hands full with various productions at Garfield High School, like last year’s musical, RENT, and the fall show, The Miss Firecracker Contest, as well as this year’s spring show, Peter Pan.

Theatre is important to me for so many reasons—it’s hard to sum it all up in a paragraph.  It has given me a new respect for community, having faith in oneself and in others. It has given me the chance to have my voice heard, to be someone else for a while and make a statement that I would otherwise be too shy to make. It has allowed me to meet amazing friends that push me to muscle through it when things get messy, people who I admire and love and feel honored to collaborate with. Theatre gives me hope for the future—there are things I’ve seen and experienced onstage that I wouldn’t trade for anything, things that helped me understand the world around me and how incredible people are in their ability to express themselves. But honestly the best part about theatre is the people you share the experience with, because they support you and inspire you and push you to new heights that you could never reach alone. When you take a leap, they’re right there with you, and that, to me, is what makes theatre truly amazing—the collaboration and collective love for the art. It’s unlike anything else.

Thank you all for reading. May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.

New Year. New Blog.

Welcome to the Young Americans Theatre Blog! With the start of a new year and a new season we thought we would create something new this year. This blog will be a place for our community to hear about what’s happening with YATC and our upcoming monthly events. We wanted to create a creative space for board members to share their passion for this company and a place for our audience to be connected to us all year long.

With the crunch of leaves beneath our feet and sweaters wrapped around our shoulders we welcome fall, along with some new people involved with YATC. We have three new board members stepping up from intern positions as well as the other company members stepping into new positions. If you have not spotted her on our Instagram page, our wonderful Ruby Daniel has stepped up from the Marketing Director to the Managing director of the company. We look forward to her interactions with the YATC community as well as completing her final year at Ingraham high school. For Ruby, this year will be full of vintage shopping trips, baking, college and lots of time with her fellow board members.

Next, we have Analiese Guettinger stepping from an Intern Coordinator to the Artistic Director of the company. She will guide and inspire us with her creative approach to ideas as well as her wonderful sense of passion and direction. Analiese is a junior at The Northwest school and her year will be full of coffee, theatre (in and out of YATC), and more coffee.

Ray McCann is taking over for marketing and already owning it (take a look at the website if you want proof). Ray is a junior at the Northwest School and can’t wait to visit some of you this upcoming month at your own schools! You can find Ray in the library at the Northwest, out in nature writing poetry, and generally being a creative source for all YATC board members.

We are also extremely excited to announce two new positions at YATC. The first is the Company Manager and the second is to explained later. The Company Manager is a position that was filled by Sam Mchale who was previously an Intern Coordinator with Analiese. We are extremely grateful for him to be here because Sam is one of the only people that could have taken this role with as much organization and determination that he did. He will work alongside of our Managing Director but with the internal needs of the company as opposed to the external one. Sam is also attending the Northwest School but as a senior, he will spend the year baking in his kitchen, with his adorable dog (Poppy) and all of his theatre and non theatre friends.

The second new job this year is the Fundraising Manager. Morgan Gwilym Tso is stepping up into this role from being an intern at YATC last year! We are so excited to see Morgan work his fundraising magic in this role and hope that as the year progresses he can continue to create the position in his own way. Morgan is a sophomore at Garfield High School and his year will be filled with lots of theatre all over Seattle. We are so excited to see what he can do. Next up we have our Intern Coordinator dream team, Eliza Jacobson and Jamie Williams. They were both amazing interns at YATC last year and we are so excited to have them back as Intern Coordinators this year. Eliza is a sophomore at the Northwest School and loves dancing, and doing bundles of theatre. Jamie is a junior at Garfield High School and along with theatre Jamie will spend his year, hiking, playing soccer and of course, dominating his fantasy football league. We are so excited to see what these new young minds can do this year and in the future YATC seasons.

In the following weeks we have many exciting things to come and that have already happened. The first is the launch of our new website. We thought we’d give YATC a new and hip twist for the beginning of the year, so you should check it out. Along with that, we have school visits coming up! If you live in Seattle and do not see us at your schools in the next couple of weeks then feel free to email us or even tweet us if you have interest in the upcoming year. The final new thing this month is the Teeny Awards. If you have not seen our copious amount of marketing then let us tell you now. We are nominated for Best Theatrr, the Evolution Award for the first YATC show last summer called This Is Our Youth, and Both Analiese Guettinger and Ruby Daniel are nominated for the Young Artist Advocate Award. We hope to see many of you at the event or just make sure to vote online.

With school bells ringing in our ears we are already looking to next summer. If you are an actor, director or interested in technical theatre, YATC would love to have you! Auditions for YATC are in the winter/early spring months but we are looking for directors right now. If you are  reading this and thinking, hey I have always wanted to direct, then now is your chance. Email us today and maybe you can be part of YATC next summer.

We hope your fall is full of warm drinks and you are surrounded by warm people. Stay tuned for next month's blog post all about the new members of YATC and their deepest darkest secrets.

Thank you all for reading. May Bowie be with you. The Young Americans Theatre Company.